how we start this journey


Our History

I’m a modern day ophthalmic technician and bespoke tailor.

I grew up in Onitsha, Nigeria but moved to the United States in 1998, living in Chicago, IL.

I currently reside in downtown Chicago.  My interest in fashion goes back as far as I can remember.  I remember back in Nigeria, my dad always took my brother and I with him when he went to the tailor to get a suit.  The smell of the fabrics, the sound of the sewing machines, the crisp sound of scissors cutting fabric.  It just felt supernatural.

I first came up with the idea for my company after graduating college.  I had friends who were also graduating and beginning their job search.  A lot of guys would scramble to to buy suits for interviews and etc, but in the midst would forget certain things. Before i knew it, people were asking me to take them shopping to help them find a suit.  Others asked me to hem or even taper their trousers.  It wasn’t until one of my best friends Chris (who ended up being my one of my first clients) asked me if I ever thought about becoming a stylist. It was in that moment that the idea of ISOKO was born.

Our Expertise

At Isoko, we offer a multitude of things.  We offer bespoke suits, shirts, overcoats and etc. 

We can also be your personal shopper.  In this economy we have to work, take care of kids and deal with everything life throws at us.  We take the pressure off you and do your clothing shopping for you. 

We offer Bespoke tailoring.  Tailoring can be expensive, but here at Isoko, we pride ourselves in making tailoring very affordable.  We outsource quality fabrics from New Zealand and other parts of the world. We provide wardrobe arrangement and cleansing.  A lot of people can get overwhelmed with clutter that forms from constant buying.  We make it fun to cleanse your closet.  We go through your closet with you and pick out those pieces that are your favorite.  We then go through everything else and decide on which pieces fit the personal style that you want to achieve. We coordinate your shoes and accessories to different clothing while teaching you how to do it along the way. And just in case you forget, no worries.  We will create a look book for you so that you see what goes with what.

Our Expertise

To build a wardrobe that best serves you.

We want you to look your absolute best and feel good at the same time.  Our main goal is to educate you and make it simple to get dressed.

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Take advantage of our bespoke tailor, you will find that the customization and comfort-ability are simple of a higher caliber.